nsa proof your chats using pqchat for ios

How safe are your messages from prying eyes?

Despite what you may have heard, What’s App and Snapchat aren’t as secure as they say they are. That goes for your personal email accounts too. These places are a treasure chest of data, just waiting to be stolen by hackers, the NSA, marketers and plain old nosey Nancies.

“The ongoing Snowden revelations have brought home just how easily accessible our personal information is to the NSA or other groups, yet most people are still handing over information to data miners, spammers and criminals without understanding what they are doing,” Andersen Cheng, Co-founder and CEO of the company behind PQChat, SRD Wireless said.

Enough is enough.

Keep your private messages private with PQChat, the unhackable – yes, I said unhackable – and most secure instant messaging app there is.

It was developed by SRD Wireless, has advanced encryption algorithms, known as McEliece and runs on “Never The Same” technology, meaning each message, image, video or note you send has a different encrypted output.

This type of encryption has never been broken and at the same time, SRD Wireless says that even future quantum computers won’t be able to crack its code.

The app holds none of your personal information, so even if it was to be hacked, you wouldn’t have much to worry about.

When you log into the app, you won’t be under your real name. You can create an alias, such as Mr. Bean, to hide your real identity from prying eyes. There’s also a countdown clock in messages in the app, so you can see how long you can view the message before it self-destructs.

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