how to disable speed dial in the opera browser

opera speed dial configuration

The question came up here whether it is possible to disable Opera’s built-in Speed Dial feature. Speed Dial displays a number of websites or Speed Dial extensions on the browser’s new tab page.

Speed Dial was initially designed as the means to quickly access popular sites right away from the new tab page without having to enter the site’s name first or select the site from the bookmarks. Other browser vendors have started to integrate similar options into their browsers (the last to do are Mozilla with Firefox natively).

Update: The method described below does not work anymore in newer versions of the Opera browser. You do get some control over the browser’s new tab page as well.

opera speed dial configuration

  1. Load opera://settings and make sure that Browser is selected.
  2. The “show advanced settings” option needs to be checked in the sidebar as well.
  3. Scroll down to the Start page section. There you find several SpeedDial related options, in particular:
    • Hide search box.
    • Hide Speed Dial.
    • Hide “Add a site” button.
    • Show Speed Dial suggestions.
    • Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware.
    • Maximum number of columns.
  4. Check or uncheck the options that you want to hide or adjust. The changes take affect immediately.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial extensions are a relative new feature of Opera that allows users to install extensions to display dynamic contents on the browser’s new tab page.

Opera users who want to disable the new tab page, for instance to speed up the opening of new tabs in the browser or because they simply do not use the feature, can disable Speed Dial. The option to do so is however not listed in the options, but in Opera’s advanced configuration listing.

speed dial

The easiest way to open the preference is to load opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState in the Opera address bar. This should put the focus on the Speed Dial State preference in opera:config.

disable opera speed dial

To change Opera’s Speed Dial functionality or disable it, simply change the value of the parameter. Here are all values and their effect.

  • 0 – This hides the Speed Dial on the new tab page. A Show Speed Dial link is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When you click on it, you see the standard Speed Dial tab page again.
  • 1 – The standard view mode.
  • 2 – Read only mode. This blocks all changes to the Speed Dial display, useful for Kiosk mode for instance.
  • 3 – A value of 3 disables Opera’s Speed Dial feature. A blank page is displayed instead.

If you want to disable Opera Speed Dial, change the parameter’s value to 3 and click on the Save button after scrolling down. The changes take effect immediately and without restart of the browser.

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