delete junk software with should i remove it

Computers get cluttered and messy just like your car or house. In a car, junk in the engine can slow it down, and the same goes for computers. One source of clutter on your computer is unneeded programs. Even worse, some programs seem to take over your computer.

These programs hog energy and memory, bug you with dialog boxes or pester you with ads. In short, they waste your time. There’s only one thing to do: Get rid of them.

Getting rid of unwanted programs helps, but you can run into all kinds of trouble if you accidentally delete a file that’s essential for your operating system. Aside from the obvious operating system files, how do you know which programs you should remove? Don’t worry, this program can help you decide.

Should I Remove It? will scan your computer and make a list of the installed applications and programs. Each program will have a status bar ranging from green to red. This doesn’t automatically mean you must remove the program if it’s yellow or red, or that you should keep it if it’s green. (See photo above.)

Should I Remove It? only tells you what percentage of users opted to get rid of specific programs. If a program appears red, it means that most people found it annoying or suspicious. Should I Remove It? includes detailed information about a program’s uses and functions.

Best of all, you can remove most programs from within Should I Remove It? with just a few clicks.

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