5 popular online gif creators

Top 26 Best Free GIF Makers Online:

1. Animated GIF Maker:

This is a portable solution for all GIF creators with only 2MB file size. It is designed with intuitive and easier to use interface that can develop classic GIFs for you with better adjustments over quality, frame delays and size.

2. Convertio:

Convertio can easily process all file formats so that users can easily upload any image or video for development of application specific GIFs.

3. Convert Image:

This tool can be used to convert png, jpg and many other images into animated GIFs with ease.

4. CreateGIF.net:

Here is a free and easy to use online GIF animator tool that helps users to select multiple images from computer. After manipulating details about speed and size of GIFs, it can help you to generate quality images.

5. EditPhotoForFree.com:

There are so many unique features and colour manipulation options on EditPhotoForFree.com. Users can easily access to many customizable features on this platform for development of application specific GIFs.

6. EzGIF.com:

It is one of the most popular online GIF creator tool with little complicated user interface that is spread into multiple pages with unique features. It allows users to rotate GIFs to particular angles and adjustments can be done on the basis of speed, grayscale and monochrome effects etc.

7. Giphy:

This popular GIF search engine and interactive design tool can develop results of your choice instantly.

8. GIFMakerOnline.com:

Those who are searching for a super quick way to develops GIFs with additional watermarks and image quality settings can prefer to move t GIFMakerOnline.com. It can directly upload your resulting GIF files on popular social media sites.

9. GIFMaker.me:

It can easily process almost all media file formats like JPG, GIF and PNG so that interactive GIFs can be created. Users can also enjoy live preview of all changes before exporting created GIF image to device.

10. GIFMake.com:

If you have already collected images in png, jpeg and gif format and now want to create one interesting animated GIF image by merging them then GIFMake.com can help you better.

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