WiseStamp Versus BrandMyMail: Which One Should You Choose?

WiseStamp Versus BrandMyMail: Which One Should You Choose?

WiseStamp and BrandMyMail are both good dynamic e-mail signatures providers that have the ability to make your e-mail signatures come alive and provide more content for your recipients. The signatures also provides you with means to connect to your recipient with the availability of integrated social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which will automatically be updated with your latest status updates.



WiseStamp with over 50 e-mail apps to boot, gives you a lot of choices of what apps to place in your signature.  You are as well allowed to create multiple signatures and that would be great when dealing with a variety of people.  Furthermore WiseStamp is compatible with many e-mail platforms such as G-Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live and AOL Mail.

To open up more features and experience even more versatility from WiseStamp, you’ll have to be a premium user.  The plans offered are yearly plans and the prices for their plans are affordable.

BrandMyMail on the other hand, other than giving you the ability to create dynamic signatures, the service also allows you to easily design an e-mail template using their blank template or other preset templates as well.  You’ll be able to create multiple templates as well for a variety of purposes such as for business, friends or family.

Although the apps offered there are not as robust as WiseStamp, the apps that are listed there are enough to make your template and signature very engaging towards your recipient.  The service is free and it integrates into your Google account seamlessly.


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WiseStamp unlike BrandMyMail, doesn’t have the ability to allow you to fully customize your e-mail templates.  You’ll only have the ability to customize your signatures.

BrandMyMail on the other hand does not support multi-platform e-mails.  You’ll only have the choice to use G-Mail with BrandMyMail and that maybe a turn off if you are using other e-mail platforms to manage your contacts.  Furthermore the apps available at BrandMyMail are not as extensive as what is offered at WiseStamp.



Firstly, both of them are good dynamic e-mail signature providers.  In my opinion it depends on your needs.  If you mainly use G-Mail to contact your clients or to do deals with advertisers then using the free BrandMyMail is sufficient enough.

Buying a Pro WiseStamp account will not be a waste if you are using multiple e-mail platforms.  Some of us deal with clients and advertisers using different e-mails and having the flexibility of WiseStamp available in a multitude of e-mail platform is good value for money.

 No matter which one you choose having a dynamic e-mail signature helps you to further connect with people be it your subscribers or advertisers as the dynamic signatures allows your updates to be seen by them.  It also helps you by giving your recipient multiple ways to connect to you.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to have e-mail signatures as you’ll never know when an opportunity would pop-up and by making it easier to contact you, you will be gaining more business and increase your sales as well.

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