Track Your Stolen Laptop And Phone With Prey

PreyPrey is an open-source software that helps you track your laptop or mobile phone if ever anyone steals it.  The software works by automatically broadcasting your laptop or mobile phone location through the Internet and sends the information to Prey’s server which you can then log in and view the location of your laptop or mobile phone.  Only you have the information about the location and once you retrieve it you can go to the related authorities and submit the information thus helping them to aid you in obtaining your lost device.

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There are lots of features that Prey offers to its users.  Geolocation awareness helps the software utilise your device GPS to triangulate its location.  Wi-fi autoconnect on the other hand connects automatically to a wi-fi hotspot to send its location if other Internet connections are not available.

Another useful feature that is available on Prey is that you can set up the software to take a picture of the thief if your laptop has a built-in camera.  The picture can be used as a powerful evidence to incriminate the thief.

Prey can also be set up to fully lock down your device and can only be access with a password. Just in case that you want the thief to know that he is being tracked, you can trigger an alarm remotely such as sounding a loud alarm or by showing a warning message to the thief.

Prey is available for the Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platform.  The free version can be used up to three devices.  This is a must have application for your laptop and mobile phone.  You can get more information and download the application at


  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing


Lots of good features, ease to setup on your devices. Lacks support for Windows Phone.


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