Three Awesome Web Hosting Companies That You Won’t Find With A Google Search (Part 3 Of 3)

Continuing with the third and final part of this series of this extravagantly titled post, I am going to introduce you to UK2.NET.  If you haven’t read part 1 and part 2 yet you may read it later after you have finished reading this post.

To start things off, allow me to say that if you do a Google search with general terms to find web hosting providers you will most likely would not find Vidahost, Eleven2 or UK2.NET.  These are awesome web hosting companies that after doing some personal research, I find them to be of quality web hosting providers.

I’m not saying that the usual companies that you find when doing a search are bad but if you want some other alternatives these are the providers to go to.  They offer excellent quality web hosting packages as well as good customer support.  Being relatively obscured in general Google searches doesn’t mean that they do not provide the best services for their customers.

UK2.NET is one of the web hosting providers under the large UK2 group.  I came to know about UK2.NET from some web hosting forums when I wanted to find a web hosting company to host my new blog.  Although in the end I went with Vidahost, UK2.NET was one of the top three web hosting companies that I considered seriously.

Three Awesome Web Hosting Companies That You Won’t Find With A Google Search (Part 3 Of 3)

They have been around since 1998.  For a web hosting company to be alive and kicking since 1998 and still in business now is quite amazing.  The reality of many web hosting companies now is that they stay up for a few months and then vanish or get acquired by larger by other larger hosting companies.  To find one that has been in business for that long is quite rare.

The four web hosting packages offered at UK2.NET are quite competitive with what the market offers now.  If you are thinking of opening up a blog and relatively new at blogging, I’d suggest the “Personal” package web hosting plan as that would already suffice for a couple of years.  If after that you can acquire a large steady amount of visitors and sales then you can move up to the more comprehensive “Business Cloud” hosting package.

One feature that I like which is as of now I only found at UK2.NET is the Facebook integration feature.  This feature helps you to air your website pages at your Facebook fan page.  You can create as many as you like.  For bloggers who are doing affiliate marketing this feature if utilized correctly will help you bring up your sales as your whole page can be displayed at your Facebook fan page.  This feature is available for all of UK2.NET web hosting packages, which is cool in my opinion.

Though that they do not have a squeaky clean review from their clients it is safe to say that the amount of disgruntled customers are very low due to their ever available customer support service.  I once accidentally bought a web hosting package from them (resulted from being quite mad as the USB broadband acting up and accidentally clicked on the PayPal order button) and wanted to cancel the order the customer service agent promptly dismissed my order without any hassle.  And this happened during Christmas eve if my memory serves me well.

As for the hardware that they are deploying, a dual quad core Xeon with 24GB of RAM is a lot better than any other web hosting providers can supply to their customers.  Some of them won’t even display their hardware equipments specs due to avoid turning off customers.

I makes me happy when a company is transparent of their web hosting packages and makes me consider them more even though they don’t offer top the line latest hardware or features that are the standard of other web hosting companies.  Mainly because they may have other features that can compel me to go with them instead of the standard ones.

There is one more thing that puts UK2.NET into my list of considered web hosting companies and that is their price lock feature.  With the price lock feature any web hosting package that you’ve bought with them, the price that you have to pay stays the same for as long as you are with them. Not to forget you’ll also receive a few months free web hosting depending on what package you’ve ordered.  Other big web companies will offer you huge discounts for the first year but after that you’ll be shocked to find out that the web hosting price of your package had increase up to mildly shocking price.

So there you are my introductions of the three awesome web hosting companies that you won’t find with a Google search.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed it and gained some knowledge of these awesome web hosting companies.  They are really excellent web hosting companies that you should put on your list.

If you have any other awesome alternative web hosting companies that you like, why don’t you spare a few minutes an introduce me and the other readers to them in the comment section.  We would really appreciate that.  As they say “the more the merrier it will be” :).

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