(Sponsored Video) Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite And The Glorious S-Pen

With the looming Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update coming for the Samsung Galaxy Note, many outstanding functionalities will be added for that particular device.  I wonder how can Samsung make a such wonderful smartphone and make it better?  Well lets take a look together shall we.

First to give you a general idea of the upcoming Premium Suite for Samsung Galaxy Note, lets take a look at the video below:



Nice ain’t it?  The Premium Suite for the Galaxy Note sure offers a lot of value added functionalities to the already awe inspiring Galaxy Note in the upcoming ICS update.

The thing that I like about the Galaxy Note is that the device is powerful enough to consolidate all other specific devices into one device.  The device is excellent for any individual’s entertainment and business needs.  The 8MP rear camera on the Galaxy Note also produces stunning quality images for everyday shots.

(Sponsored Video) Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite And The Glorious S-Pen

(Sponsored Video) Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite And The Glorious S-Pen

The Premium Suite (Available in Q2, 2012)

Keeping track of your meetings and notes just got a lot more easier on the Samsung Galaxy Note.  With easy to use templates, jotting down recipes, meetings, daily to do list and many more will be a lot simpler, faster and organized making it easier for you to look for them later on.  Excellent tool to have for the busy professional or for the busy mother of five that has a very tight schedule to follow.

The shape and formula match feature on the other hand allows you to create charts and mathematical formulas with ease.  Draw a squiggly box and let the application correct it into a perfect box.  Write a formula and the application will intelligently recognize it and auto calculates the answers helping you to save time.

If you are someone who travels a lot, don’t let that hinder you from being close to your family.  With the My Story application you can express your love and care towards your loved ones.  Create an enjoyable animated letter or card and share them with your family.  They’ll know that wherever you are, they are always on your mind and in your heart.

The S-Pen

The S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note is a one of a kind tool that no other smartphone have.  The S-Pen extends the functionalities available on Galaxy Note to new heights.  As an example, the S-Pen allows you to create stunning drawings with applications such as Zen Brush, OmniSketch and Hello Crayon & Hello Colour Pencil & Hello Chalk.  You can let loose your artistic side and draw anything as the S-Pen enables you to draw as if you are drawing on a canvas.  I don’t think that there are any other smartphones out there in the market that allows this kind of flexibility to draw an image.

(Sponsored Video) Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite And The Glorious S-Pen

Boost your productivity with applications such as Soonr, ZigZag and iAnnotate PDF that are optimized for use with the S-Pen.  As PDFs are known for their availability across various platforms, you can use your S-Pen to edit the PDF files faster and much more detailed then before and share them with your colleagues.

With the S-Pen you can now be more creative in creating your messages.  The Touchnote app allows you to freely create and edit your messages and print them as postcards.  Surprise a loved one or your close friend with a postcard that you’ve personally created.

If you are a story teller, then the ComicBook app is the one for you.  With the integration of the S-Pen with the app, you’ll be able to cast yourself as the hero in mere seconds and create a stunning story line to share with your friends and family.  Use the TouchRetouch app to edit your photos and delete unwanted content from a picture easily with the intuitive S-Pen for you to use in comic that you’re creating.   Soon you’ll be able to publish your own weekly comic book just like the pros.

Angry Birds Space


(Sponsored Video) Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite And The Glorious S-Pen


Great news for fans of the popular Angry Birds game.  With the upcoming launch of the Premium Suite, Samsung Galaxy Note users will get 30 special levels of ‘Danger Zone’ in the new Angry Birds edition, Angry Birds Space.  For the hardcore fans of the Angry Birds series this is really a treat not to be missed.

An excellent and exciting line up of applications are waiting for the Galaxy Note users.  For those who are thinking of switching to a new smartphone, the Galaxy Note is certainly a name that you wouldn’t want to leave out.

Now it’s time for me to crack open my piggy bank and own this awesomeness in my hands.

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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