So You Wanna Find A Premium WordPress Hosting Ehh… (Part 1 of 4)

So You Wanna Find A Premium WordPress Hosting Ehh... (Part 1 of 4)

So now you’ve establish your WordPress powered blog and you’re receiving ten of thousands of visitors each day.  Like the normal progression of life you will most likely want to house your WordPress blog into a much more suitable home.  A home where you can welcome a lot more guests without running out of bandwidth, a home where the your WordPress blog is much more secure or a home where professional help and support is top notch and just a click away.

Well today I’m going to introduce you virtual WordPress real estate seekers to one out of four Premium WordPress hosting companies where you can house your WordPress blog with all the benefits above.

Here we go:

1. WP Engine

The force is strong with this one.  WP Engine is a great place to house your WordPress blog if you’re constantly receiving thousands of visitors everyday.  They have a baked-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) with all their hosting packages.  The benefit of having a CDN available is that it will help your visitors get your content a lot more faster and it will also help you to save your valuable bandwidth overtime.

With the availability of the CDN, unexpected or expected spike in your traffic will make sure that your blog does not crash or slow down as other servers around the world will help serve your content to your visitors.

In any event that you find that you’ve reached your bandwidth limit, they won’t suspend your blog.  They’ll keep it running but with a low charge of $0.20 per Gigabyte used.

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You’ll also do not have to worry about speed.  WP Engine only uses dedicated top on the line hardware to host your blog.  They’ve also have built a caching system that can deliver your page in only 15 milliseconds.  You know how Google is very particular about a website’s page-load.  If you want to win some good points from Google you know that by hosting your blog at WP Engine would very well win you those precious points.

Now going into security, WP Engine treats the security of your blog or blogs seriously.  They monitor threats 24/7, keep their firewall updated to the latest rules and also have a team of security experts that designs their infrastructure.  On a hardware level, they employ detection appliances that can detect and prevent DDoS attacks.

In any event that your blog still gets hacked, WP Engine takes the stress out of you with their Hacker CleanUp Guarantee.  Don’t take it for granted though.  Remember that for a second that your blog is down you might lose a visitor or worse a good business deal.  A good WordPress administrator always keeps his or her WordPress installations and plugins updated.

Another cool feature of WP Engine is their one-click staging service where you can take a “snapshot” of your current WordPress blog and store it in a safe area.   The safe area is where you can try out plugins that you think might cause problems to your WordPress blog thus avoiding you the nightmare of having your readers see your broken up blog.

They offer three packages which are Sport, Touring and Luxury.  As this is a premium service WordPress hosting, in my opinion established WordPress blogs would benefit better by hosting here with the Touring or Luxury package as their blog income can pay for the premium price.  If you are new to WordPress it would be more than enough to host your WordPress blog at web hosting services such as Vidahost.  But if you have the money than go for it, I’m not in anyway stopping you.

If you’re interested for a trial run at WP Engine you can open up an account there, setup your files and point your domain to their servers.  You can test their services up until 15 days before you make up your mind.  I am sure before the 15 days are up you’ll find yourself readily and willingly open up your wallet and hand them your money.  So you better beware haha.

There are still a lot of features that makes WP Engine a great home for your WordPress blog.  The features that I’ve talk about are the features that I find interesting with WP Engine.  If you’re interested with WP Engine I implore you to go to WP Engine and browse the site more thoroughly as you will find a lot more features that their hosting service have to offer.

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