How To Retrieve Hidden Files And Folders In Your USB Flash Drive

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As an IT Support Officer I get many request from users to help them solve many IT related issues, from the simple ones up to the mind boggling ones.

Around last week there was a guy from the Pipe Fitting department, he came to see me and asked for assistance to recover his files from his USB Flash drive.  He told me that his USB drive was recently infected by malware and after he cleaned them all the files had gone invisible.

To determine whether there was any actual files still left in his USB drive I scanned it through an anti-virus program and sure enough the scanner showed that the files existed but were invisible.  There was no malware detected though as I thought that he did not clean his USB drive thoroughly enough as I initially thought.

So after failing a few times in retrieving those invisible files I turned to Mr. Google for a little bit of help.  After a few searches I found out this simple and light program which can help show hidden files in the USB Flash drive called USB Show.

How To Retrieve Hidden Files And Folders In Your USB Flash Drive

Using USB Show is really easy.  Launch the program, click on the the recovery button, select your USB drive and BAM! all your hidden files are  now visible.  Oh yes, if you can’t understand Spanish you might want to click the “English” button first.  Although the translation is not that good, at least you can understand it but what matters most is that the program just works.

The program is portable and certainly is handy to have around especially if you are doing IT support. Good luck in recovering back your files.

Download USB Show

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