Learn To Write Better With Paper Rater

Learn To Write Better With Paper Rater

Content is King.  If you’ve been in the blogging world long enough I’ll bet that you’ve come across that saying.  Every professional blogger will agree and they will stand by the words.  Content to blog is what blood is to the body.  It is that important.  Show me a blog where there is no content and you still get thousands of visitors daily.

But what makes the content a king?  There are a lot of criteria to take care of when creating a content that is suitable to be labeled as a king and one of them is that the content must be free of spelling mistakes.  Spelling mistakes all over your content makes you look unprofessional.  If you are an editor of a major newspaper you wouldn’t want the articles that you authorized to be published trifled with spelling mistakes do you.  Spelling mistakes makes you look childish as well.


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The next aspect that you should consider is grammar.  Having grammar mistakes in your blog post could sometime bring another meaning to what you are trying to convey.  Worst is that the sentence loses meaning all together.  That would make your readers lose their interest in your article and leave your blog.  Subsequently they wouldn’t want come again as their impression of your blog is low.

Choosing the right words is also another factor that you should consider taking care off.  The words that you choose defines how much you can grasp the language that you are writing in.  Also consider your target audience, if your audience are little children do not put words that are tough for them to understand and vice versa if your audience are adults.  You may want to make your articles simple to understand but that does not mean that you have to make your articles too simple.

You may think that this is hard but with constant writing you will learn how to produce better quality articles and content for your blog.  To help you proofread your articles you can use this Internet tool, Paper Rater which I find really helpful.  Not only it checks your spellings and grammar, it also helps you to improve your articles by giving corrective suggestions.

Paper Rater is also new to me but I have been using it a few times and it does help me to improve my writing skills.  Furthermore the Internet tool helps me save time proofreading my articles before publishing it on my blog.  The website only supports checking English written articles at the moment.  This tool is not for bloggers exclusively, other people who wants to check their assignments, papers or any written articles may use this proofreading tool.

One more great thing, the price of this helpful tool is $0.  Free for use and you do not need to download anything.  If you are using this tool feel free to “like” or tweet about it as it will really be useful for others as well.

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