How To Install Ubuntu 10.10 With A Live USB In 13 Steps

I was writing this article before and had type quite a lot but suddenly the power went off and I hadn’t saved the article earlier.  Lucky for you guys and gals that you don’t have to read what I rambled before the power went off.  This should be a reminder to always save my work first because I am living in a place where power outages always like to occur at any given chance.

So I am going to make this tutorial as simple as possible.

1. Download the Ubuntu 10.10 .iso file.How To Install Ubuntu 10.10 With A Live USB In 13 Steps

2. Find a USB stick with a minimum 0f 1 gigabyte free space and plug it in the USB port.

3. Download the Universal USB Installer.

4. Run the Universal USB Installer.

5. Select Ubuntu 10.10 from the drop-down list.

6. Browse and and locate the Ubuntu 10.10 .iso file and load it.

7. Select the drive where your USB stick is assigned too.

8. Click the create button and wait.

9. Open Facebook or Twitter.

10. Check whether the creation of the live USB has completed.  If not go back to step 9.

11. Reboot your computer and change the boot device order and select boot from USB.  (Function keys to enter the boot device order selection page may differ, mine is F9.  If you are not sure then press the pause key when the BIOS starts usually you can find it there.).

12. If all goes well you’ll see a list of selections.  You can try Ubuntu with the live USB without installing it into your hard disk.

13. When you decide to install the operating system just follow the simple instructions and within a few clicks and a few minutes you are good to go with your new Ubuntu 10.10 operating system.

Good luck and have a great time exploring the Maverick Meerkat!

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