How To Enable Address Field Dropdown Button In Opera

I dislike browsers that do not include a dropdown button at the address bar.  Call me old-fashioned but a dropdown button is truly important for me.

I just installed Opera again to make it as a secondary browser for my blogging activities and was quite disappointed to see that the dropdown button was missing.  I don’t really type in the address bar and rather use a dropdown button which is easier to reach my frequently visited websites.

Luckily though I didn’t abandoned Opera hastily.  After testing a few other browsers, I find Opera is the best browser to centralize my blogging activities.  My main browser is still Firefox by the way but it is mumbled up nowadays haha.

So I did a quick search and found out how to enable the dropdown button again, you can refer the steps below to get the missing address bar dropdown button again:


  1. Open up the Opera browser config page “opera:config#Show%20Dropdown%20Button%20In%20Addressfield“.
  2. Tick the radio box and click on save.


How To Enable Address Field Dropdown Button In Opera

opera dropdown config menu


That’s all there is to it.


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