How To Embed Mochi Flash Games Into Your Blog Posts

How To Embed Mochi Flash Games Into Your Blog PostsToday I’d like to share a simple tutorial on how to embed Mochi Flash Games into your blog posts.  It’s really easy and I’ll try to make this tutorial as simple as possible okay.  Before I forget, this tutorial is for blogs running on the WordPress platform.

1.  Download the WP-games-embed plugin.  With the plugin you can now call the .swf files via short codes.

2.  Go to Mochi and download the game files.  If you haven’t got a Mochi account yet you can create it here.

3.  Upload the .swf files to your server.

*You have host the files on your server to get advertising revenues.

4.  Create a new post and in the html editor call the .swf with the short code.  The short code starts with [*game and ends with /*].  It should look like the example below:

[*game width=”560″ height=”480″ src=”” flash=”true”/*]

Delete the asterisk (*) symbol I put the asterisk symbols to prevent the short code from working.

You can set attributes such as width and height according to your blogs measurements.  Here is a list of other attributes that you can use with the short code.

Hope that this tutorial is helpful and if you got any questions you can leave the questions at the comments section below and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can.

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