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Hello And Welcome To...It is always nice to be greeted when you arrive at your destination.  The same goes with life in the virtual world.  A greeting acknowledges the visitor.  Making him or her feel welcome is important.  Would you want be a patron of a hotel again if your initial visit there was glum, the people couldn’t care less about you.  Of course you wouldn’t want to come again right?

Today I was searching for plugins to add to my WordPress plugin collection.  So I Googled and went to several recommendations from several other blogs but nothing interested me until I stumbled across MultyShades list of 50+ Ultimate Useful Free WordPress Plugins & Widgets.

As you can guess a list of 50+ plugins and widgets is really a lot to go through.  Initially I was reluctant to sift through but looking at the clock, there was still time to burn I went ahead with it.  Some of the items in the list were quite dated and was not compatible with my current version of WordPress.  I scrolled down to what seemed like an endless pit an arrived at this plugin “WP Greet Box”.

After reading the description I thought this would be a good addition to my collection of WordPress plugins.  Since I could not greet my blog’s visitors face to face, I thought the the plugin would be a nice substitute.

WP Greet Box greets your visitor from where they came from for an example if a visitor arrived at your site from Google it would greet them with this greeting:

Welcome Googler! If you find this page useful, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.

You can edit the greetings as well as create your own greetings for a more personal touch.  Right now I am still using the default greeting but I am planning to create a more personal one, something that would make the visitors know that I really appreciate their visitation.

Who knows I may get a regular visitor by just saying a simple “Hello!”.

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