Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note

With a 1.4GHz dual core processor in its body, games and apps would run as smooth as butter in the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Coupled with a large super AMOLED screen to boot, playing games on this device is purely mesmerizing.  Those who has the Galaxy Note will surely agree.

In this post, I’d like to share 5 games that I constantly play on my Galaxy Note.  Although maybe the list is nothing new but these games are worth to be mentioned again and again.  So here it goes:


1.  Wind-Up Knight


Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note


A cute 3D game and a must have for your smartphone.  Loads of fun levels to let your wind-up run through to save the princess.  As you earn rewards when you complete a level, you can use them to upgrade your cute pint sized knight.  The graphics in this game are cool and as of now I’ve never experience any lag yet.  Must be those powerful dual-core processors working diligently.


2.  Samurai VS Zombie


Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note


This game has cool 3D graphics that just runs smoothly on your Galaxy Note.  The movement & action controls are just too simple for my liking.  Furthermore there are loads of zombies available and some of them can be quite annoying to handle but you’ll have your own minions to call upon for back up too.  As of now though I’m stuck at level 38 haha.  Damn zombies!

3.  Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga


Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note


The second installation of the popular Ninja Chicken game.  Still fun to play with some new challenges but somehow I still feel that the first one was better.

4.  Blood & Glory (NR)


Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note


This game is a bit gory and might not be suitable for the younger users aged 10 and below but for those who are above the age limit, this game is surely one to have.  If you’re looking for something to satisfy your carnal needs, the game offers gladiators, buckets of blood and decapitations.  The 3D graphics runs smoothly and the controls are sensitive enough for you to battle it out without any frustrations.


5.  Angry Birds Space


Five Cool Games In My Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note


A list won’t be complete if there are no Angry Birds mentioned in it.  For those who have not updated their Galaxy Note devices to ICS, you’d be delighted to know that when you’ve upgraded your device, you’ll receive 30 new levels in the special “Danger Zone” exclusive only for Galaxy Note users.  To know more about the benefits of upgrading to ICS you can read it in my previous post.

Now, I’ve played up to the Danger Zone area and it is quite challenging to get the full three stars in the that level.  It usually takes a few curses, emm.. I mean tries to finish a level in the Danger Zone with full stars.  Overall the latest edition of the Angry Birds series, the Angry Birds Space is the most fun I’ve had since the first installation of the game years ago.

Best of all, the games listed above are all free for download at the Play Store.  So head on over and get them in your Galaxy Note and see it come to life.  So what’s your top five games in your Samsung Galaxy Note?

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