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Udemy Black Friday sales is back and it is back with a big loud bang.  If you scouring the Internet to learn stuff, Udemy’s is a place where you have to stop by.  They have a wide range of online video courses from certified and experience tutors.

You can save up to 90% on more than 6,000 courses!  This would certainly be good time to pick up a course and learn a new skill as well as add more knowledge and experience on a topic that you already know.  Don’t put it on the back burner anymore.

One of the advantages of subscribing courses at Udemy is that it is accessible anywhere in the world even if you are offline.  Using the Udemy app that’s available on Android and iOS you can tap the resources where ever you go 24/7.

I’ve as well subscribed a few courses at Udemy before mainly about how to improve my skills in playing the guitar and thanks to the instructor and the excellent Udemy platform I can say that I can play better than previously.

Not only that, coming from an IT background and working in the IT industry I try to pick up new skills and improve them when I have some free time.  Having Udemy in my pocket certainly helps me to stay relevant in the game.  I am not shy to say that mostly I subscribe to the IT courses that I have now only during promotional times like this.  It’s too cheap to let it slip by just like that.

The Udemy Black Friday sales lasts until 28/11/2014.  Get the word out to your friends and family by sharing this page using the floating social media icons beside this article.  I am sure that they’ll be excited about the savings whilst getting a good course to learn something new too.

Up to 90% off over 6,000 courses!

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Free GrovePixels WordPress Themes And A Lifetime Membership Plan Fri, 21 Nov 2014 02:26:55 +0000 GrovePixels WordPress Themes GrovePixels WordPress Themes

Yup, you read the title correctly.  Head on over to to claim a bundle of free premium GrovePixels WordPress Themes and a lifetime membership plan that costs $195 just by sharing their awesome promotion that’s currently running until 2nd December.

You can share the promotion using Twitter, Facebook or Google+.  After you’ve completed the task, the promotion will then be unlocked and you can claim both of the prizes.  Sweet!

Grab it fast as only the first 1000 people will be able to get the membership plan and prizes for free.  If you’re a little bit late, you still can share the promotion and claim the GrovePixels lifetime membership plan and the bundle of cool WordPress themes at 90% off.

Once in a blue moon only you can find this sort of deal.  So if you’re still scouring the web for a premium magazine style WordPress theme than you really should stop by GrovePixels and take a look at what they’ve got to offer.  In my opinion, the designs and features are great and I’m as well thinking to change this blog’s theme to use the Techfind Premium Theme.

Quickly head over to GrovePixels blog before the 1000 spots are filled up.  As of writing there’s still around 500++ accounts left.  Good luck!

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Free Access To YouTube Music Key For Google Play Music Subscribers Tue, 18 Nov 2014 06:57:27 +0000 YouTube Music Key youtube music key

YouTube Music Key will be free for subscribers of Google Play Music All Access.  The beta version of it at least.  But still, congratulations on getting to be the one of the earlier pioneers of this YouTube music service.

For those who are still not in the know about what Music Key is all about, well it is a service that is more oriented towards music videos.  Play music on the other hand is more oriented towards well listening to musicyoutube music key.  So upon your preferences, you can either choose any one of them or both if you have a few bucks more to spare.

Music key goes for $9.99 a month which provides subscribers with watching unlimited music videos without ads and to listen to music even when you’re offline.  Seems like a good deal for people who prefer music videos.

As for me I’ll just stick to my mp3youtube music key, thank you :).


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Protect Your Computer From Zero Day Flaws With EMET Sat, 15 Nov 2014 17:12:44 +0000 Microsoft EMET EMET

Keeping your Windows computer secure is a challenging task these days and with malware being on the rise each coming day, keeping vigilant is a must.  For the IT crowd who has to look after hundreds if not thousand for Windows computer systems luckily you can install Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) to bolster your arsenal against zero day attacks.

Zero day vulnerabilities are like gold mine to hackers as they have the advantage to take over the system first as nobody else knows about the flaws yet.  Once an attack has been done, only then the good fellows at Microsoft can patch the holes in their operating system that was overlooked.  It can take days or even weeks until a fix can be ready after they’ve been notified of the vulnerability.

Here’s where Microsoft EMET comes in.  It’s a tool to keep zero day attacks at bay.  Many of the Windows default settings are geared towards the convenience of the user instead of prioritising the security aspect of the system and many of these settings can’t be changed manually either.  To overcome this issue EMET helps to change those settings by overriding the default setup to make your computer safer and iron out the holes.

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Tookit EMET

When Microsoft flags a certain flaw the toolkit settings changes temporarily to the instruction acquired to protect the Windows computer.  After a permanent patch has been released user’s can change back EMET’s settings to let Windows release its iron bars.

The software is design to work with other third party security software and that means you do not have to remove your antivirus software before installing the security toolkit.  Having a good and updated antivirus software is still essential even after you’ve installed this Microsoft security toolkit.

As with all tweaking software, if you do not know what you are doing a wrong setting can disrupt some programs or even worse the Windows operating system too.  Do study and research a bit before implementing your own tweaks or get a professional to help you in utilising Microsoft EMET.

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Turn Your iPhone Into An External Drive With Pocket Drive Fri, 14 Nov 2014 01:53:24 +0000 iPhone pocket drive pocket drive

USB drives are great tiny devices to have in your pockets to lug around huge data as it has been made possible by todays technological advancements.  They’re really superb up until you unnoticeably lose them because of a hole in your pocket or you absentmindedly forget to eject them from the computer or many other reasons that we humans tend to make.  Luckily though now you can turn your iPhone into a wireless external drive easily with Pocket Drive.

Pocket Drive is a great revolutionary little app that can make full use of your 128GB iPhone 6pocket drive
storage space.  This app creates a wireless connection between your Mac or even a Windows PC so that you can transfer your files to and fro easily.  It took me about two years to fill up 8GB worth of storage space on my smartphone and having up to 128GB is really fine for iPhone 6.  In my opinion, you should really utilize that large storage that has generously and expensively been given.

Another benefit of having the app installed on your iPhone is that you won’t have to keep on buying those pesky little USB devices that have a high tendency to get lost by “itself”.

I think Pocket Drive should be deployed in every iPhone there is to make it easier for every iPhone users out there.  The app is available for free which is another plus point for iPhone owners.  Pocket Drive does not stop being awesome to iPhones only.  If you have AppleTV, the app can facilitate streaming your movies and music to your TV via AirPlay as well.

Oh and it works on the iPad too.  Give it a go, fly over to iTunes to download Pocket Drive.

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Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth With GlassWire Tue, 11 Nov 2014 17:15:53 +0000 internet bandwidth internet bandwidth

Once upon a time you were blazingly surfing the Internet at super speed.  As day goes by you start to noticed that to view YouTube videos you’ll have to wait for it to buffer and at times even loading pictures would take a while.  It seems that your Internet bandwidth is choking up.

One easy way to view what’s hogging up your Internet bandwidth is by installing GlassWire.  It’s a great tool to have installed in your system as it can work hand in hand with your antivirus software to beef up your computer’s security.

GlassWire internet bandwidth

GlassWire works by searching and monitoring for unusual Internet behaviour that would likely indicate malware activity is present in your system.   Once an unusual network connection is detected, GlassWire will notify the user instantly with detailed information so you can take the required steps to halt and clean up your computer and secure your data again.

One nice thing about GlassWire’s notifications are that they are unobtrusive and it won’t bombard you unnecessarily.  Another good function is that you are able to cut off network accessibility to any running applications on your PC through GlassWire’s built in firewall feature tab as in the above image.

You can view each application that connects to the Internet on your computer and where they are hoping to when you’re running them.  If something abnormal shows up you can view it easily at the eyeball friendly graph.

GlassWire-Bandwidth-Monitoring internet bandwidth

Furthermore for those who has subscribed to a Windows VPS or Windows dedicated server hosting you can install GlassWire to monitor your server activity and your Internet bandwidth usage as well to avoid going over the provided limit.

The best part of it, GlassWire is totally free.  Even though it is still in its beta stage of development I do see that this piece of software going big once it launches.  It really makes monitoring your Internet bandwidth and network activity easy and as it adds another layer of security into your system.

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Just A List Of Malaysian Web Hosts Thu, 06 Nov 2014 05:48:08 +0000 Malaysian Web Hosts malaysian web hosts

So last time I’ve created a list of excellent web hosts in the UK and now I would to pay homage to the hard working men and women in the Malaysian web hosts industry by creating a list for them too.  Hopefully Malaysians here will continue to support them and maybe somewhere within the near future we can have a few Malaysian web hosts competing with the big guys on the world stage as well.

1.  Shinjiru Malaysia

Shinjiru Malaysia malaysian web hosts

My favourite web host for trying out new websites catered to Malaysian visitors.  Great and quick support too from their helpdesk team.  Shinjiru really delivers, well at least based on my time with them :).

2.  Exabytes

Exabytes Malaysia malaysian web hosts

Prices are quite competitive and cheap if you just need a basic web hosting package.

3.  ServerFreak

ServerFreak Malaysia malaysian web hosts

4.  Net OnBoard

Net OnBoard malaysian web hosts

Business class web hosting.  Need the redundancy of the cloud? They’ve got it.

5.  YeahHost

YeahHost Malaysia malaysian web hosts

Recommended for heavy power users.  Price maybe steep for some but inline with the specs that they are providing.

6.  The Gigabit

The Gigabit Malaysia malaysian web hosts

11 years in the web hosting business and thousands of websites hosted in their servers, you can trust The Gigabit to provide excellent web hosting services.  Their prices and specs are nice too!

If you have any other favourite Malaysian web hosts please do introduce them in the comments section.

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SiteGround Web Hosting Halloween Sale Thu, 30 Oct 2014 08:35:28 +0000 SiteGround Web Hosting  siteground web hosting

As always in conjunction with big celebrations a lot of companies are coming out with excellent offers for their products.  SiteGround web hosting is going to have a grand Halloween sale as well.

Discounts up to 70% for web hosting packages can be grabbed during this period from Friday of October 31st until Sunday the 2nd of November.

3 Reasons To Choose SiteGround Web Hosting?

1. High Uptime

SiteGround’s high uptime means that you can be rest assured that your customer’s can always access your website or blog anytime at any day.

2.  Data Centers Across Continents

Data centers in America, Europe and Asia to ensure that you can serve your visitors optimally.  You can choose in which data center you want to host your files based on your target markets.

3.  Excellent Support

If you don’t like waiting, SiteGround will make you happy.  They reply support tickets within the first 10 minutes, live chat and phone support instantly and they’re available around the clock.

So what are you dressing up as for this upcoming Halloween? :)

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YouTube Mulls To Start Charging Subscription Fees Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:22:04 +0000 YouTube youtube

YouTube since its inception has become one of the best places in the virtual world for entertainment.  From super cute cat compilations to seeing people make jackasses out of themselves and to being a place to learn new skills and knowledge, the video site caters to many needs of the people all over the world.

But things right now aren’t the same as it was especially when they started to put ads in the videos.  The normal text ads are not that annoying and users can still hide the ads.  Nowadays they’re serving video ads as well and some of them forces us to wait until it finishes before we can view the video that we wanted to see in the first place.  It’s becoming very annoying.

To end this frustration, they are now mulling over to setup a subscription based program for users who do not want to be annoyed by ads in the videos.  So far no fee structure have been established yet but if they go ahead and do it I would hope it won’t be more than a couple of dollars per month.

They have a lot of viewers and overcharging them won’t do the popular video site any good.  YouTube rise to prominence is because it was free to use and didn’t annoy viewers with ads.  It makes perfect sense that they want to maximize earnings after years of building this great video site but there has to be a standard which will not drive away users to want to use YouTube for free like the good old days.

In your opinion should they charge their viewers for ad free usage of its video website or are you against it?  If you agree, how much would you pay for the subscription?

]]> 0 Owner Cashes In $200,000 For Domain Name Wed, 29 Oct 2014 03:08:13 +0000 ebola ebola

A company from Nevada, Blue String Ventures recently just managed to cash in a domain name which they own for $200,000.  A nice sum indeed.

A tidy amount of $50,000 was paid in cash and the rest was in stock shares.

Get this, both of the companies that shared the purchase of the domain name promotes medical marijuana named Weed Growth Fund and it’s partner Cannabis Sativa.  According to them, marijuana might hold the key to curing the Ebola disease.

I guess somebody there was high or something.

For now the website doesn’t have much information about how they’re going to tackle the deadly disease using marijuana but I wish them the best in their endeavor.

Hmm maybe we should as well start to register domain names with disease names too.  Seems like a good investment right now.

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