Create Simple Animated Screenshots Easily With LICEcap

Quite a weird name it has this .gif creator.  LICEcap stands for Lightweight Image Composition Engine.  Still, it gets the job done.

Create Simple Animated Screenshots Easily With LICEcap

Referring to the screenshot above, LICEcap starts with a hollow window.  Drag it to the part of your screen where you want to capture and click “Record” to start the recording process.

You can interact with the object that you are recording as well.  You may also pause your recording and resume to record other parts of your presentation and this makes this piece of free GPL software a charm to have.

When you’re done capturing, LICEcap saves your recording into a .gif or its own lossless .lcf format.  Saving the recording in a .lcf format allows for higher compression ratios compared to a .gif format.

It has one downside though, LICEcap does not really have any editing capability.  It’s quite a straight forward software.  Record and save.

LICEcap is available for Windows and OSX.

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