Brand Your E-Mails Easily With WiseStamp

Brand Your E-Mails Easily With WiseStamp

Branding is an important aspect of marketing that should not be taken lightly.  Branding introduces your products or services to the masses.  It creates awareness and with more people knowing the existence of your product the more potential customers you create for yourself.

If you are an Internet Marketer or a freelancer with a newsletter, branding your e-mails is really important.  Your e-mails will  not only reach your subscribers it could reach their contacts as well if your e-mails contain useful information and good enough to be shared with others.

If you did not have any branding in your e-mails you would potentially lose out a lot of potential customers, the one who are the receivers of the forwarded e-mails from your subscribers, as they do not know who you are.  Word of mouth from friends are indeed very powerful and you should capitalize on that.


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Branding your e-mails would eliminate the above from happening as with every e-mail forwarded from your subscribers to their friends would contain your information.  That would act as an initial introduction from you towards them.  If your newsletter contains information that are relevant to them they will know how to find you.  Always try to make it easier for people to contact you.

For those who haven’t got any sort of e-mail branding yet or wants to find a new powerful service that allows them to create dynamic e-mail branding, I would suggest that you give WiseStamp a consideration.

WiseStamp is a service which lets you create a dynamic branding for your e-mails.  In other words it makes your e-mails pop.

Create e-mail signatures that contain your Facebook, Twitter or any other social platforms that you are a member of.  If you tweet, the tweet will will be updated in your e-mails as well.

With the integration of social platforms in the signature of your e-mails potential new customers can get to know you and your products better.  It bridges the gap between you and your new prospective clients.

WiseStamp allows you to design multiple signatures.  This is useful if your target markets vary.  You might want to optimize certain areas of the e-mail signature and use them to attract those different markets to your product.  Having the ability to create and use different signatures in a click really is helpful and time saving.

If you haven’t yet brand your e-mails, going with WiseStamp is a good step forward to make.  For a years worth of service the price is really a bargain.  Whether you are new or a seasoned Internet Marketer, I’d suggest you to subscribe with the Pro plan that cost only $36/year.

Remember to not take branding lightly.  It is an important factor of your survivability and sustainability of your business.  Stop losing customers and start to accumulate them by branding up your e-mails today.

  1. February 8, 2012

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