5 Reasons To Add A CDN For Your Blog

5 Reasons To Add A CDN For Your Blog

What in the world is a CDN and why would I want to put it for my blog?  CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.  The CDN is a network of servers located at different strategic points around the world.  Whenever your blog receives a request from a visitor, the nearest server located to the visitor will send the information to the requester.

Below are five good reasons why you should add a CDN for your blog:


#1  Helps To Deliver Content Faster

Imagine if you are hosting a blog in the USA and someone from Asia calls up your blog, without a CDN the original server where you are hosting your blog would be stressed to send the contents over to Asia.  When a visitor calls your blog, the CDN server located nearest to the visitor will be activated and send static content such as images,JavaScript, CSS and others to them making your blog load faster.  Having a blog that loads fast would certainly make your visitors happy.


#2  Save Your Precious Bandwidth

As the CDN server hosts your static contents the load from your server will be lessened thus helping you to save your bandwidth quota.  If you have a blog with thousand of pages and receive thousands of visitors per day then you’ll see the difference.  For blog owners who are on a shared server with a low monthly bandwidth quota, having a CDN would also help you lessen your burden.


#3  Your Blog Will Be Ready For Traffic Surges

If you have been blogging long enough, I am sure that you have experienced a sudden surge of traffic where one of your posts suddenly gets popular at StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook or Twitter.  Though at first you may be smiling but after you’ve realized that your bandwidth gets eaten up very fast then the smile suddenly turns into a frown.

Keep that smile up by setting up a CDN.  The CDN will help distribute static content to your visitors thus your server’s job is only to deploy those dynamic content if you have it and help save the bandwidth as written in point number 2.  With the help of the CDN it is possible for you to still have enough bandwidth to last up until the quota is reset back.


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#4  Better SEO

As all of you bloggers know, the load speed of your blog is one of the critical factors to get a good Google ranking which is what we all want to achieve.  Slow loading blogs gets penalized by Google.  Having a CDN that helps distribute your blog’s content makes your blog loads faster and Google will be happy to score your blog higher.


#5  Happier Visitors

Most important reason of all to have a CDN with your blog.  Happy visitors who likes your content and can get them quickly will most likely stay longer and return to your blog to read other interesting blog posts.  Having visitors stay longer at your blog decreases your bounce rate, increases their average time on your blog and increases your chances to convert them as your subscribers or convert your products into sales.

Personally I use MaxCDN for my blog.  I bought it last year during the Black Friday promotion at $1 for 1 terabyte’s worth of CDN bandwidth.  I am really satisfied with the service as I can see the difference compared to when I wasn’t using a CDN.

As this blog receives visitors from all over the world I am glad that I can serve them better.  The normal price is at$39.95 for the first terabyte.  Don’t worry, 1 terabyte is a lot of bandwidth and you’ll have time to build up your blog.  I’ve been using it for nearly 5 months now and I haven’t even consumed 1/4 of it yet.

5 Reasons To Add A CDN For Your Blog

5 Reasons To Add A CDN For Your Blog

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