3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

I’m sure that many if not most, have multiple e-mail accounts.  Mine was Yahoo! Mail which I made when I was 8 years old.  Now fast forward 18 years later, I now have added two Gmail accounts, one Outlook.com e-mail, one Exchange account for work and last but not least an e-mail account for Techtikus.com.  So that’s 6 in total, phew!

It’s tiring and really inefficient to manage multiple e-mail accounts through the web browser.  Even though now we have tabbed enabled browsers unlike the days of old, it is still not good enough and I’m sure you feel the same way too.

To overcome this problem I like to centralize all my e-mail accounts and view it all in one place.  So I use an e-mail client.  There are lots of e-mail clients available but here are my top 3:

1.  Windows Live Mail 2012

3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

I like it because it’s simple to use and easy to setup.  If you’re a veteran of Microsoft products then I’m sure you’ll get the hang of Windows Live Mail quite easily.

2.  Mozilla Thunderbird

3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

Another excellent product from Mozilla.  What I like about the Thunderbird is the master password and tabbed e-mail.  The master password feature is similar to what Firefox has, it encrypts your e-mail accounts passwords making it pretty hard for someone to steal it.

The tabbed e-mail on the other hand allows you to open a particular e-mail on a tabbed window instead of launching a new window to view the e-mail unlike the Windows Live Mail client.  Another good aspect of this tabbed e-mail is that when you close the client and open it up again later, the e-mail opened in the tab would still be there.

There’s also the ability to extend the functions of your Thunderbird e-mail client by adding plugins.  There are loads of plugins available at Mozilla Thunderbird Add-Ons page.

3. Mailbird

3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

Voted as the best free e-mail client for Windows this year by PC World, Mailbird as grown by leaps and bounds since its inception.

Out of all the e-mail clients listed in this article I’ll say that Mailbird has the nicest interface of them all.  You’ll have a clean view of your e-mails and the best thing is that is won’t seem cluttered at all if you have tons of it.

3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

3 Recommended Free E-Mail Clients For Windows

Another feature that I find very interesting in Mailbird is the Wingman, a personal productivity coach.  The Wingman reports backs your e-mailing speed, gives recommendations on how to increase your productivity and e-mail management.  It sends out reminders to stay in touch with close and important people that you’ve haven’t reached out in while.  It also has the ability to sort out important e-mails and put it at the top of your e-mail list.

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