11 Less Known But Powerful Web Browsers

I’ll bet 90% of the time that the individual who is reading this article here is using one out of five of these web browsers namely Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome or Safari.  So am I right?  Oh just admit it.  Those five web browsers are the most popular browsers on earth.  Most computers on this planets would have at least one out of those five web browsers installed on their machine.

Usually not much thought are put when selecting a browser as long as you can surf the internet and the speed is acceptable then any web browser in reach will do.  If you don’t like the pre-installed web browser that comes when installing your operating system, you’ll download the one you normally use.  Even I won’t hustle around the web looking for other web browsers and that is quite a lost for me.  Some of the less known web browsers are really powerful in their own way and would let you increase your productivity and offer specific features that the popular ones do not.

There are many gems in the web browser world and I would like to introduce them to you.  So here goes my list of 20 web browsers that are less known to the world.

SRWare Iron: The Browser of the future

11 less known but powerful web browsersBased on the popular free source code Chromium, SRWare Iron is an alternative to Google’s Chrome browser.  The people behind the SRWare Iron claims that the browser is very secure and does not have any problems at privacy and security.  The Google Chrome browser even though is extremely fast at rendering sites and has a sleek design gets critic from data protection specialists as the browser creates a unique ID to the users of the browser to create suggestions.  This according to the specialists is a kind of privacy intrusion towards the user.  SRWare Iron does offer the same features that Google Chrome has minus the privacy concern that Google Chrome gets critiqued for.  The Iron browser is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7, Linux and Mac.  Another good news is that the browser is also available as a portable application.  You can download the Iron web browser at SRWare.net’s download page.

You can read more about the comparison at privacy protection between Chrome and Iron here.


11 less known but powerful web browsersThis web browser redefines the way you use the Internet by making it easier to keep in touch with your friends, search online and receive updates from your favorite websites.  RockMelt is a browser built for socializing.  A remarkable browser that suites the need of our world today as we spend a lot of time on the net at social websites mainly Facebook.  Furthermore the browser is also based on the ever popular open source Chromium.

Some bad news here, you can’t freely download the browser.  You will need to get an invitation first by connecting yourself with them through Facebook.  You can do that by visiting the RockMelt website.

UPDATE:  RockMelt can now be downloaded without an invitation.  Just go to their website to download the browser.  It was just two days ago when I went to their website and an invitation was needed to get the browser.  Well lucky you :D


11 less known but powerful web browsersThe first browser that I used.  I’m surprised that this browser still exists.  Good for you Maxthon.   The browser is now up to it’s third generation and packs some quite useful features.  Maxthon has now come with dual display engine, Trident and Webkit making it efficient and compatible for the users to surf the Internet without experiencing bad website rendering.  Check out more of the Maxthon web browser features at their website and if you are intrigued by the browser you can download it here.

Ah yes, one more thing Maxthon is also available for the Android platform.  Do check out Maxthon mobile, maybe you’ll fall in love with it as many others have already did.

Pale Moon


11 less known but powerful web browsersIs your Firefox slow, well here is an alternative.  Pale Moon is a customized web browser based on the ever popular Firefox.  The web browser significantly performs 25% faster claims the manufacturer of this web browser.  Now, not only Linux users can enjoy a specifically built Firefox web browser for their Linux OS, Windows has one too.  You can go to Pale Moon to get to know more about other features that they have to offer.  It seems that my un-customized Firefox does lag quite a bit and sometimes hang if I open too many browsers maybe I should give this version of Firefox a test run too.  Lets go to Pale Moon’s download page to get this cool alternative to Firefox.


11 less known but powerful web browsersThe world’s only triple engine display web browser which means that you can have all the goodness of Trident, WebKit and Gecko in a browser.  Quite a tool to have if you are a web developer/designer.  On top of that Lunascape is also extremely fast and can stand head to head with the big boys of the browser world.

What makes Lunascape even more impressive is the new Lunascape version 6 the Lunascape Orion, you have the ability to equip add-ons from Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Lunascape also have their own plugins.  With that kind of ability and flexibility you can customize the browser to your liking and make the browser suit you even better.  The web browser that has triple engine now offers triple add-ons.

You can download Lunascape or find out more about about Lunascape Orion at their respective web page.  Oh I forgot something,  this browser is also available on the iPhone and the iPad and is given the name iLunascape.  Try it out maybe this is better then the pre-installed browser that you have.  I can’t do that because I do not own one.

iCab – The Taxi For The Internet

11 less known but powerful web browsersHere’s one alternative web browser for Mac users, the iCab.  The creator of this browser listed down 10 features that you won’t find in any other browsers.  Well I don’t fully agree with him but if you want to read about it you can certainly go to iCab’s feature page to look at what he has to say.  The iCab is also available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

According to the official iCab website this browser is free to use but there are certain limitations that comes along if you decide to use the free version.  To get the full feature of the iCab you’ll have to pay for it and it costs 20 USD.  Many of us I suppose never forked out money for a web browser but hey as people say there is a first time for everything.  If you’re bored with Safari do why don’t you download iCab and give it a shot.


11 less known but powerful web browsersI’ve seen 3D movies, 3D games, 3D TVs but never before I’ve seen 3D search.  The world of searching for content just got a whole lot better with SpaceTime.  This browser is best used if you are searching for images, looking for videos and comparing items to purchase.  Surfing YouTube, Amazon, Google and Yahoo! Images and eBay just got a lot more interesting.  I haven’t tried this browser yet but I know I will and so will you.  Lets download SpaceTime and take a peek into the future of searching.


11 less known but powerful web browsersIf your online time are spent on searching, downloading and enjoying media content then Wyzo web browser might just the web browser that you need.  Enjoy supercharged downloads up to 10x faster, BitTorrent Integration and install Mozilla based add-ons into this browser.  This truly is a downloaders dream browser.  There are more features that Wyzo has to offer to get you drooling and you can take a look at them here.  If you’re a media junky and a fulltime downloader you must download Wyzo as your alternative web browser.  Wyzo is currently available for Windows and Mac.

Epic Browser

11 less known but powerful web browsersEpic is the first ever web browser for India and the world’s only sidebar apps browser.  It is powered by Mozilla and you know how powerful Mozilla browsers can be.  PC World gives this browser a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Is it as epic as its name? Why don’t you download and try it out for yourself.  I’ll leave the judgment to you.  Currently only available for Windows but do not fret, Epic browser for Mac and Linux is on the way.


11 less known but powerful web browsersAn open-source web browser for Mac OS X built on the Mozilla’s Gecko is certainly enticing for Mac users.  Loaded with useful features such as phishing and malware protection, improved tabbed browsing, annoyance blocking and much more Camino should not be overlooked by Mac users.  Download Camino and experience a feature rich browser.


11 less known but powerful web browsersExclusively made for the Mac OS X, this feature rich web browser enables you to control how you interact with an individual domain.  Tell Omniweb how you want to interact with the domain’s content from changing text sizes, block ads, manage the cookies and many more so that you can save valuable time and be more efficient when browsing the Internet.  With Omniweb you are now not restricted to the standard set of web page viewing functions.  You can find the download link at Omniweb’s download page.

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