10 Portable Apps To Have In Your Flash Drive

Portable AppsPortable apps are very convenient if you are the type of person that is always on the go.  You can carry along all of your bookmarks, e-mails and a lot more to tag along wherever you have to be.

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The portable apps that I will be listing here are all open source and free to use in any way you like it.  They are also free from malware and ads.  They are all 100% free to copy and share with your friends as well.

1.  Notepad++

Portable AppsThis tool is a must have for developers.  I simply love using this app.  Even though it is a portable version it still retains the great features that Notepad++ has to offer including support for multiple languages and the extensive plugin system.

2.  7zip

Portable AppsThis is my second most favourite archiving tool after WinRAR.  It has been a life saver when WinRAR is not available in some of the computers that I have to work on.

3.  Firefox 4 / Opera 11.1 / Chrome 11

Portable AppsMy choice would be Firefox because I just love the browser and it has served me well.  You can choose any one them which ever suits your liking.  They are all good.

4.  GIMP

Portable AppsThe app to go to when Photoshop is not available.  Though it is a little bit hard to master but it is still as powerful as Photoshop.

5.  Pidgin

Portable AppsIt is a versatile IM app.  You can take your contacts where ever you go.  Supports AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Jabber.  You can also add encryption plugins to secure your messages.

6.  Skype

Portable AppsOne of my favourite apps of all time.  This app allows you to IM, call/video call and conference with people anywhere in the world.

7.  Libre Office

Portable AppsAll in one office app on the go.  You can do your spreadsheet, word documents, presentations, drawings and even databases on the go now.

8.  VLC

Portable AppsA media player that lets you play almost (some say all) media formats.  Never worry about codecs anymore.

9.  Foxit PDF reader

Portable AppsMy all time favourite PDF reader.  It is blazingly fast and easy to use.

10.  KeePass

Portable AppsA popular password manager that saves and protects your passwords from snoopers.  I have a lot of passwords and I don’t have the memory capacity to remember them all.  If you’re like me then this is a must have for you.

Do you have a smart phone and want to see what apps are the best to have for it? There are so many great apps for each device out there. Free BlackBerry apps are great for games and business, just as iPhone apps are great for music and games. Don’t forget about Andorid apps either, great for customization and social networking.  So maybe in future posts I’ll list down the top 10 apps to have for those devices as well.  Stay tuned dear readers.

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